Wroclaw and Lower Silesia - what is worth visiting?
Wrocław is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. It is the fourth biggest Polish city and the capital of Lower Silesia. Situated on the river Odra and its four tributaries, it is an exceptional city of 12 islands and 112 bridges. It has over 650 thousand inhabitants.

In the recent years Wrocław has been regaining its well-deserved renown of a city with a great tourist potential. As a place boasting an unusually eventful history, beautiful architecture and picturesque scenery, it now rivals Kraków - recently considered the most "fashionable" city in Europe.

The history of our city dates back to around the 10th century. Legend has it that the city was founded by Vratislaus II, Duke of Bohemia, and this is where the city got its name from.

Wrocław's rich, multi-cultural and multi-religious history has contributed to the fact that everybody can find here innumerable tourist attractions.

The most popular and most frequently visited places in Wroclaw, in our opinion, are the following:
- Old Town Square and its vicinity
- Ostrów Tumski and the Cathedral
- Panorama of the Battle of Racławice
- historical University of Wrocław
- Zoological Gardens
- Szczytnicki Park, with the Hala Ludowa (People's Hall, or the Hall of the Century),
the Japanese Garden and the Pergola
- National Museum
- Synagogue and Old Jewish Cemetery.

The whole territory of Lower Silesia, however, is an equally rich source of tourist attractions. Here, the best-known and most often visited places to which we take our clients include:
    - Książ
    - Czocha
    - Grodno
    - Bolków
    - Piastów Śląskich in Brzeg
    - Otmuchów
    - Chojnik
palaces in:
    - Krzyżowa
    - Dobrocin
    - Bagieniec
    - Bożków
    - Targoszyn
    - Krobielowice
    - Krasków
    - Polanica Zdrój
    - Kudowa Zdrój
    - Lądek Zdrój
    - Duszniki Zdrój
    - Szczawno Zdrój
and others, such as:
    - Cistercian Monastery in Lubiąż
    - Kłodzko Stronghold
    - Town Hall in Głogów
    - Cistercian Abbey in Krzeszów
    - Basilica in Wambierzyce
    - Wang evangelical church in Karpacz
    - Church of Peace in Świdnica.

We will drive you to each of those destinations and to any other place you would like to see.
If necessary, we will book for you tickets and a professional guide.

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